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I have definitely noticed some huge improvements, I'm absolutely stoked and slightly hooked. The biggest thing I've noticed is how the tightness around my lowerback, hips and hamstrings has eased a lot. My massage therapist noticed the difference as well, exclaiming at one point it was like massaging a different body! - Mel V.

I have completed the sequence tonight for the first time with some flow and energy and without tears! I am so grateful to you and for this practice. Thankyou. It is helping me to grieve by getting me in touch with my body. Just what I was looking for. I am finding much beauty in this, the opening of a new flower.
- Lisa B

Just a quick note to let you know yesterday I took no pain killers!  I have been putting your amazing techniques into my practice and have spent every conscious moment correcting my alignment resulting in me feeling I’d say 90% better!  - Justine



At the moment, I am fully booked with a robust waitlist. I am closing my waitlist to new enquiries for now and will revisit this at the end of the year. If you are interested in somatic work and would like to stay connected, please join my newsletter list (visit home page and scroll down to sign up) where I share writing and resources that pertain to somatic therapy, news on workshops or events, and updates to my schedule.

A therapeutic yoga session will apply the tools of yoga - posture, movement, breathwork, presence, feeling, and body sensing - to address your unique physical, mental, and emotional needs while supporting you to become an active participant in your own healing process. 

All yoga is potentially healing but it depends on how and when (and sometimes why) it is applied.  

There are no "magic" yoga poses for any physical or emotional condition. A group yoga class may ease general aches and pains but might not be therapeutic for your shoulder or back injury. Like most of life, HOW we do what we do is often more important than what we do.

As a practice and philosophy for wellbeing, yoga supports whole person healing and thriving. 
The yoga model of health and vitality works on the premise that life is relationship - every part of our body and our body systems are seen as integrally related to the whole of us.
In a yoga therapy session, we look at, work with, and treat the whole body and whole person. 


Therapeutic Yoga can be helpful for:
- Managing chronic pain or supporting the healing of an injury (back, pelvis, legs, knees, shoulders, neck)
- Increasing both stability and resiliency around our  joints 
- Building strength while increasing bone density through healthy weight bearing for osteopenia/osteoperosis
- Navigating mental health challenges such as depression & anxiety, disordered eating, and trauma 
- Supporting chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and other autoimmune disorders

- Working with reproductive health & fertility
- Increasing balance and resiliency for healthy ageing 
- Supporting emotional wellness and nervous system health. 
- Discovering a new sense of trust, vitality, and agency in your body again

In a yoga therapy session, you will receive a 60-75min individual consultation. 
If you are coming with physical challenges, this may include a postural assessment and/or exploration of body alignment in ordinary activities (sitting/standing/walking,etc.). If you are wanting to work with mental or emotional health, the approach may be different depending on your intention/needs and may include guided movement, supported relaxation, nervous system support, and somatic coaching to connect you with own your inner resources. 
All sessions usually include a personalised home practice plan (written or audio recording) to support your specific needs, areas of focus, and personal intention.

In Person (Island Bay, Wellington) or Online
$130 | single session, 60min including personalised practice plan 
$345 | three sessions (when purchased in advanced, six month expiry)

Please contact Katie to talk further or to book a session/s. 
021 810 422

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