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Artwork by Elena Ray

Artwork by Elena Ray

Art by Elena Ray



At the moment, I am fully booked with a robust waitlist. I am closing my waitlist to new enquiries for now and will revisit this mid 2024. If you are interested in somatic work and would like to stay connected, please join my newsletter list (visit home page and scroll down to sign up) where I share writing and resources that pertain to somatic therapy, news on workshops or events, and updates to  my schedule.

Somatic Experiencing®, or what I often call Body Centred Conversation, is a body centred therapeutic modality to support the resolution of stuck patterns and the integration of challenging or overwhelming past or present experiences. These sessions will help those seeking to release emotional and bodily stress from traumatic experiences, to integrate the challenging things that have happened to them, to grow their internal felt sense, and/or to develop more capacity and resilience in their everyday lives.

From the outside, a Somatic Experiencing session may look like coaching or counselling with two people sitting in chairs together talking. However, unlike traditional therapy, my role is to support you to experience what the body is feeling, expressing, or inhibiting. I do this by tracking (careful listening and observation) and bringing what I notice to your attention. You do this by growing your body awareness and the ability to notice and tolerate physical sensations, and the emotions that come with them. We explore and build on your external and internal somatic (body based) resources to sooth and support your nervous system. Over time, we build capacity to tolerate, explore, and complete whatever is wanting or needing to happen in your body. 


At times, movement exercises, guided relaxation, and/or co-regulating touchwork may be offered to guide, support, or contain the experiences and emotions that may arise.


My sessions are client led. This means that we decide on the direction of our work together - working within your stated intentions and goals and with what shows up in session as particularly important, relevant, and alive. 


Body Centred Conversations are most strongly influenced by my studies of Somatic Experiencing® (a body based approach for working with trauma and the nervous system), experiential counselling, trauma informed practice, an embodied approach to NonViolent Communication, 12+ years of work as a Yoga Therapist, and a personal and deep apprenticeship to the wisdom of the body as a natural, intuitive guide for our own insight, resourcing, and healing. 


Body Centred Conversations will be useful for:
- Learning to listen to your body and access your inner and outer resources to 'be with' what arises
- Gaining clarity around a particular issue, emotion/s, or dominant inner story that keeps arising in your life

- Integrating and healing traumatic experiences and/or major life transitions + changes

Establishing better boundaries and getting in touch with your inner yes + no

-Increasing your access to your 'relaxation response' and/or learning how to mobilise more life energy to move through and out of freeze.

- Increasing self acceptance, self empathy, personal empowerment, and relational confidence

- Growing your own ability to track yourself, notice overwhelm, stay with your body during stressful times, and know what is needed to return to your centre. 



Email me at to organise a 15 minute phone chat to learn more about the process, address any questions/concerns you might have, and book your first session. 


In Person (Island Bay, Wellington) or Online 

$130 per session

** Please note that body centred conversations/somatic experiencing® is an adjunct support, not a replacement, for professional mental health therapy. Due to the close relationship between psychological, emotional, and physical, sometimes other aspects of our health and/or chronic pain, illness also need to be addressed. I may also suggest that clients consider working with other health professionals - acupuncturist, herbalist, psychotherapy/counselling, medical testing, etc. **

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