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This retreat has sadly been cancelled this year due to losing our caterer.
Please write to to register your interest for future retreats.

Yoga + Experiential Movement | Body Based NVC | Breathwork + Meditation 
with Katie Lane, Anna Groves, Rob ten Broeke
November 15th-20th, 2022
Shambhala Guesthouse | Onekaka, Golden Bay


In a supportive residential format and stunning setting, join yoga + somatic therapist Katie Lane, certified NVC trainer Anna Groves, and breathwork facilitator Rob ten Broeke for a transformational six day journey in service of greater ease, presence, and fluency in your life and in all your relationships.

Nonviolent Communication (otherwise known as NVC or Compassionate Communication) is a process that was developed by psychologist Marshall Rosenberg in the 1960s. Based on principles of nonviolence and the belief that we are essentially compassionate by nature, NVC reminds us how uplifting it feels to authentically connect with ourselves and other human beings. It offers practical and powerful skills that enhance relationships  and enrich life. 

By practising NVC, we learn to identify what is alive, both in ourselves and in others. We are able to hear what the true intention is and what lies beneath the words/behaviour. We learn how to identify our feelings and understand our needs. We learn to listen deeply. For Anna, this process of deep listening begins with our own selves, and our body.


On this retreat, Katie offers yoga practice as a way to deepen our internal 'felt sense' and bring us into a tangible relationship with our body experience and our body impulses, as they are happening. By bringing awareness to our body and to our body moving with gravity and within space, we will uncover a rich landscape of sensation and a new understanding of our Self and our boundaries. We will learn how to use our body to ground and anchor, to establish a stable centre from which we can respond rather then react, empowered by space and choice. 


While yoga postures may give us longer hamstrings or stronger, more resilient back muscles, the essential gifts at the heart of this practice are self connection and self awareness. In order to connect fully with others, we must first be able to connect with ourselves.

The yoga on this retreat is appropriate for all levels of experience and can be adapted for health concerns.


Rob offers breathwork as a powerful way to connect to your body and subconscious mind. He will use a sequence of ancient pranayama techniques combined with euphoric brainwave music and guided inner sensing. The combination of these elements takes you to a place where magic happens. This multisensory meditation experience awakens the full potential of your brain, improves circulation, and purifies your blood. It can help rebalance your nervous system, promote your body's natural healing ability, and support you to feel great - fully present and full of energy. 

Watch two short videos from our 2018 retreat. Learn more about the experience!



Over six days together, we will share our body based approach to NVC which offers the "bones" of an NVC Intro training while diving into deeper practices supporting the cultivation of inner listening, discernment, and authentic decision-making/action in the world.

Woven into every day are yoga and somatic movement practices structured to serve the daily components of the NVC learning and provide a resource to integrate and "land" the teachings. Live guitar music offered by Rob will accompany many of these sessions. Breathwork and meditation is offered daily as another doorway to awareness and to support deep and nourishing periods of rest and integration. 

Shambhala Retreat & Guesthouse 

Located in the hidden paradise of Golden Bay, Shambhala offers shared accommodation in a beautiful and rustic eco retreat setting. Peaceful and quiet settings, artistic surroundings, and the natural beauty of the land will make for an intimate and unforgettable stay. There is a private beach for walks and swimming and a stunning hall for yoga and movement.
We will enjoy three beautiful wholefood vegetarian meals each day. 

Accommodation is shared - single beds in shared rooms (no bunks!) - one triple and one quad share. 
There are also two twin share room and three queen rooms available for couples.
Twin, couple, and solo rooms are given out on request, first come, first serve basis.
If you prefer total privacy, you have the option to camp. We have exclusive use of the grounds for this retreat and there are lovely, spacious, ocean view tent sites.

Bathrooms are shared, both standard and composting loos onsite.
Please note that cell phone coverage is patchy and there is no Wifi.  







Includes accommodation, all meals, and instruction.

Early Bird - $1300 | Payment made in full before August 15th
Regular Price - $1650 | Payment made after August 15th OR for those who pay a deposit and remainder later


Reserve your place with a credit card payment via the booking links below or contact Katie at to book/pay with online banking. 

















I believe that real listening is all that's needed for healing to take place.
Deep listening underlies all of Anna’s communication. Her ability to empathise underlies a potent emotional intelligence that enables Anna to connect with
people from all walks of life. She is passionate about the spirituality that lies within Nonviolent Communication (or Compassionate Communication) and regards it as a way of life. Anna met Nonviolent Communication in 2005 and has been offering Nonviolent Communication courses since 2007. In 2009, she studied with Marshall Rosenberg and more recently has completed Robert Gonzales' two year LIFE program. Anna is actively engaged in the global dyad inquiry project, an advanced spiritual practice with a partner that uses NVC tools.  

As she is a performing artist, Anna’s trainings are interactive and full of fun. She has a graduate diploma in teaching, and a degree in the performing and screen arts. Anna has offered Nonviolent Communication training for teachers, social workers, psychologists, teenagers, counsellors, health workers, business managers and public groups. She has taught communication at state and private secondary schools.

The body knows how to be well and heal given the right environment. So I want to provide an environment that's conducive to renewing the natural lifeforce.
Rob is passionate about living life fully and freely. He is a strong believer in finding creative ways to grow and experience a rich and fulfilling life, including the exploration of different states of consciousness. He only offers tools and support techniques that he has found useful, powerful and transformative in his
own life – exercises he practises himself daily. Rob has supported people to break free from restricting habits and patterns, helping them make long-lasting changes in their lives. He uses a range of tools to guide people into a deep state of relaxation, where the subconscious can be
accessed and core transformation can occur. Rob’s voice is soothing and empathic supporting a deep sense of safety.

Rob is a Certified Hynotherapist and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner. He has worked nationally and internationally. He is a Taiji and
breathwork practitioner and teacher. Rob has also completed the two year LIFE intensive with NVC trainer Robert Gonzales, and is actively involved in the global dyad inquiry project to support his own deepening and spiritual practice.

KATIE LANE has been teaching yoga and guiding embodied exploration since 2005. Katie's yoga teaching blends body centred enquiry and dynamic alignment into progressive, playful, and sustainable movement. Her intention is to support the cultivation of deeply intimate awareness in our practice so that what grows through yoga over the time is the chance to truly know ourselves and the empowerment to make choices in our lives that serve us, those we relate with, and our global communities.

Deeply informed by long time studies in non-dual Tantra (modern yoga philosophy) and current interests in embodiment practices, applied psychology and Non Violent Communication (NVC), Katie weaves both practicality and soulful intention into her teaching in ways that are accessible, down to earth, and change making. She is a senior level yoga teacher, Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), and a Yoga Teacher Trainer (RYS). Katie has also completed a PostGraduate Diploma in Counselling (First Class Honours) and training as an Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, SEP® 

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