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"On any continuum, the opposites are always in conversation with each other" | Toko-pa

At the heart of a forward fold is a "hidden"backbend.
The often forgotten first stage of a forward bend is a neutral spine, emphasising a soft and natural inward curve of the lumbar spine.
This hidden backbend is often elusive because of the common tightness we experience in the backs of our legs. When we sit on the ground, we are often already forward folding through our lumbar spine and putting pressure on the disc structures in a way that can result in discomfort or feeling stuck as we attempt to fold further. 

When we maintain a hidden backbend as we enter a forward fold, the pelvis rotates over the bones of our legs.
This smooth movement supports the spreading of the forward fold evenly across the length of our spine without exploiting areas of our body where we tend to overly round or slump. 

In this workshop, we will explore the "nuts and bolts" of healthy and easeful forward bending.
We will build up to a practice of seated forward bends with active + restorative asana and utilise some out of the box explorations and strategies for finding more ease and surrender in these complex postures. 

Saturday, November 20th
$65 Space Yoga & Mindfulness 




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