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*** POSTPONED UNTIL 2021 *** 

March 2-8th, 2020
Mana | Coromandel NZ


This Immersion is for those who wish to deepen their understanding of NonViolent Communication (NVC) and explore how body awareness, movement and breathwork can increase the felt sense of presence, empathy, and connection we experience with others and with ourself. 
Over the course of six days, Katie, Anna and Rob will share their unique take on NVC as an integrative and embodied life practice.



This deepening retreat builds on the foundational concepts of NonViolent Communication - feelings and needs, observations v. judgements, empathethic listening, honest self expression, making requests – with the intention to go beyond models, templates, and jargon to find a depth of ease, naturalness, and REALness in the way we receive ourselves and connect with others. 


Through partner, small and large group work, we will grow our capacity for deep listening, full body receptivity and expression, empathy, honesty, and freedom. We will unpack concepts such as wounds and trauma and look at survival strategies and structures, beliefs and addictions. Daily exercises will include walk/talk practice, listening exercises, dyad meditations, self empathy floors, emotional tracking practices, and creative enquiry through art/music/journalling. 



We will use yoga as an active tool to deepen our self awareness - exploring our habitual patterns of posture, gesture, and movement while creatively unfolding new possibilities and options for how we might "do" ourselves - and also as a somatic resource to slow things down, self soothe, calm or charge as appropriate, support rest and release. 


In this work, we view "yoga" as an opportunity to experience and clarify our relationship to the world through the body. 

All experience – every action, reaction, interaction, emotion, cognition – is a body event. It is only through awakening our “felt sense” and acknowledging the inner signals of our body that we come to know what we feel and tap into what is vitally important to us. Exploring yoga as a relational experience, we will experiment with how we can bring "otherness" into our practice, uncovering the ways we can experience ourselves as always in relationship with the world around us.  


Practices will include mat based asana practice, creative and free movement, partner exercises, and the facilitated use of touch. 

To learn more about our collaboration and our vision of NVC as an embodied and integrative life practice, check out this video from our Golden Bay 2018 retreat. 




Guided meditations, accessible breathwork and pranayama, NLP and self hypnosis practices will be woven into each day to support deep and nourishing periods of rest and integration. 


Rob will offer live guitar music to accompany some of our movement and NVC practices to give privacy and texture space. 

His music is intuitive, unobtrusive, and healing.



This retreat will assume a basic understanding of and familiarity with NVC.

If you are new to NVC, we recommend that you first attend our Intro Retreat in Golden Bay (October 2019) or complete a weekend course (minimum) with an experienced trainer before this retreat. We are happy to provide suggestions of folks offering weekend trainings in your area. Please get in touch -


Yoga practices will be accessible for all. Modifications/variations for all levels of ability will be given. 

Your participation in all movement is consent based. How you move and the depth to which you move is entirely your choice

Single Registration - $1680
Couple Registration - $1530 [couple or two friends]















I believe that real listening is all that's needed for healing to take place.
Deep listening underlies all of Anna’s communication. Her ability to empathise underlies a potent emotional intelligence that enables Anna to connect with
people from all walks of life. She is passionate about the spirituality that lies within Nonviolent Communication (or Compassionate Communication) and regards it as a way of life. Anna met Nonviolent Communication in 2005 and has been offering Nonviolent Communication courses since 2007. In 2009, she studied with Marshall Rosenberg and more recently has completed Robert Gonzales' two year LIFE program. Anna is actively engaged in the global dyad inquiry project, an advanced spiritual practice with a partner that uses NVC tools.  

As she is a performing artist, Anna’s trainings are interactive and full of fun. She has a graduate diploma in teaching, and a degree in the performing and screen arts. Anna has offered Nonviolent Communication training for teachers, social workers, psychologists, teenagers, counsellors, health workers, business managers and public groups. She has taught communication at state and private secondary schools.

The body knows how to be well and heal given the right environment. So I want to provide an environment that's conducive to renewing the natural lifeforce.
Rob is passionate about living life fully and freely. He is a strong believer in finding creative ways to grow and experience a rich and fulfilling life, including the exploration of different states of consciousness. He only offers tools and support techniques that he has found useful, powerful and transformative in his
own life – exercises he practises himself daily. Rob has supported people to break free from restricting habits and patterns, helping them make long-lasting changes in their lives. He uses a range of tools to guide people into a deep state of relaxation, where the subconscious can be
accessed and core transformation can occur. Rob’s voice is soothing and empathic supporting a deep sense of safety.

Rob is a Certified Hynotherapist and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner. He has worked nationally and internationally. He is a Taiji and
breathwork practitioner and teacher. Rob has also completed the two year LIFE intensive with NVC trainer Robert Gonzales, and is actively involved in the global dyad inquiry project to support his own deepening and spiritual practice.

KATIE LANE has been teaching yoga and guiding embodied exploration since 2005. Katie's yoga teaching blends body centred enquiry and dynamic alignment into progressive, playful, and sustainable flow. As an educator, her intention is to cultivate a deeply intimate awareness in our practice so that what grows through yoga over the time is the chance to truly know ourselves and the empowerment to make choices in our lives that serve us, those we relate with, and our global communities.

Deeply informed by long time studies in non-dual Tantra (modern yoga philosophy) and current interests in embodiment practices, applied psychology and Non Violent Communication (NVC), Katie weaves both practicality and soulful intention into her teaching in ways that are accessible, down to earth, and change making. She is an ERYT-500, Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), Yoga Teacher Trainer (RYS) and a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider. Outside of her work with groups, she is devoted to sharing the healing potential of yoga in one-on-one yoga therapy. Off the mat, Katie is currently working towards a Masters in Counseling and soon beginning a three year training in Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing. 

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