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Sunday, July 7th
1 to 4pm
Space Yoga & Mindfulness
Limited to 18 students.

This workshop is for anyone wanting to keep their spine healthy, gain an understanding of how therapeutic yoga may help low back pain, and learn how to adjust or modify commonly practiced postures to support the health of their back. 


Statistics say that 80% of us will suffer from acute or chronic low back pain over the course of our lives.
Low back pain is one of the most common complaints made to GPs and a frequently mentioned issue by yoga students.


Modern lifestyles are sedentary and much of our waking time is spent in a forward bending position.
We bend forward when we sit in chairs, drive our cars, pick up our kids (or lift something heavy from the floor), lounge on the couch, garden, cycle, etc. With so much time spent 'bent over', we can put an enormous amount of pressure on the discs of our spine. 

Modern lifestyles are also hectic! The fast pace of our lives and the felt reality of daily stress keeps our sympathetic nervous systems charged. Ongoing stress can play a contributing role to chronic back pain and can dull our awareness of our body's inner signals and messages.


In this three hour workshop, we will: 

- look at basic anatomy of the lumbar spine 

- explore the relationship of our hamstrings, hip flexors, core muscles, and breath to our low back 

- learn simple, skilful alignment to dynamically stabilise our low back, decompress our spine, and reawaken our inherent core support

- uncover our unique postural patterns, learn our body's default 'release valves' and how we might make the best adjustments to support our unique structure

- practice conscious breathing for releasing tension and pain

- experiment with several 'recovery' positions that can be helpful when low back pain is flared. 


It is beyond the scope of this workshop to address specific or serious back injuries. If you are experiencing severe back pain or significant limitation to your movement, a private yoga therapy session would be the best approach. If you are unsure whether you should attend this workshop, get in touch to discuss it with us.

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