Photos by Catherine Adam


The standard 200|500 Hr Teacher Training Programs are really just the first steps on the journey to becoming a skillful and inspirational teacher of yoga. Group trainings are the usual way we all begin the process of learning to teach. However when you graduate from a Teacher Training program and find yourself standing in front of a room full of students or running a yoga studio, there is often little opportunity for ongoing, individual support.

This unique mentorship program is meant to address that gap.
Whether you are a brand new teacher or going four years strong, the heart of teaching is ongoing studentship. 
This mentorship will be uniquely tailored to support your educational development and personal interests. The program is open to 200-hr and 500-hr certified yoga teachers.

Based on YOUR needs, topics may include:  
1) refinement and depth of teaching "nuts & bolts": purposeful sequencing, further depth of alignment, how to skillfully modify postures for special conditions and injuries, refining your languaging/cueing for greater clarity, depth, and potency, development of observational skills, etc.
2) taking your own authentic seat as a teacher: self enquiry and exploration to excavate the vision and values behind your teaching, learning how to bring your intention forward into your classes by offering meaningful themes, crafting unique content for workshops
3) improving your relational and communication skills to build more harmonious relationships: setting clear boundaries, exploring the relational realms which come into conversation in the yoga room and the ethical dilemmas often encountered, learning how to give yourself empathy and how to more skilfully offer to others for less projection and better skill with difficult conversations

4) business coaching for self employed yoga teachers and yoga studio owners: building culture and community around your classes, how to make your big visions "concrete", leadership and business development development, how to make ethical integrity and sustainability an essential part of your work.

Mentorship Format
3 Month Commitment (possibility to extend)
1 Monthly Call (Distance & Local Option) OR Face to Face Session (Local - Wellington only), 60-90min
Review of class plans, business plans, website content, and honest exploratory discussion on topics of concern.
[Option to include reviews of recorded 60-90min classes - audio or video - for in-depth/targeted feedback by arrangement and additional cost]


$650 or monthly payments of $218 (auto-pay)

Prerequisite: Completion of a 200 or 500Hr TT and a minimum of 6 to 12 months teaching experience. 
If you are interested in the mentorship, please contact Katie to set up a phone chat to share your interest and aims and determine if the programme is a good fit for you!