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Sunday, October 18th

1.30 to 4.15pm
Space Yoga & Mindfulness

Support is the foundation for movement, exploration, and growth. 
It's no wonder there's a lot of talk about core strength in the yoga and movement world.  However, "core work" is often approached in rather static or linear ways, focusing on actions like tensing, bracing, or squeezing, and frequently in postures and/or sequences that are too difficult for truly sensing your body and too intense to contribute to the building of sustainable support in movement and LIFE!

Going beyond standard cues to "lift your pelvic floor" and "draw your navel back to the spine", this workshop aims to explore core engagement in a whole new way. In our time together, we'll explore the essential relationship between our pelvis and ribcage and how we can cultivate postural intelligence based on the needs of our own unique structure. On a physical level, we'll experience the buoyant support of our psoas/diaphragm complex and discover how our diaphragms (vocal, respiratory, and pelvic) work together to create a centre that is strong and mobile. 

On a deeper level, moving from our core is about so much more than mastery of muscles. 
Our core tells the story of how we receive and relate to the world.  Learn how to embody and move from your centre in a way that brings lightness, spaciousness, and ease on and off the yoga mat!

The workshop includes simple experiential anatomy , body sensing + dynamic alignment in active and restorative asana, creative "off the mat" movement, breathwork, and journaling.  






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