Art by Elena Ray

While we tend to see life in polarity - black or white, light or dark, yin or yang, happy or unhappy, flexion or extension - with categories and options that seem diametrically opposed to each other, the truth is that everything is contained in everything else. Learning to hold the tension of opposites in the world around us and the world within us can be confronting work but is part of the richness and beauty of being human. 

"On any continuum, the opposites are always in conversation with each other" | Toko-pa


Saturday, July 31
$65 Space Yoga & Mindfulness 

At the heart of forward folds is a "hidden"backbend.
The often forgotten first stage of a forward bend is a neutral spine which includes a soft and natural inward curve of the lumbar spine. Maintaining this "backbend" as we enter a forward fold allows our pelvis to rotate over the bones of our legs. This movement supports the spreading of the forward fold evenly across the length of our spine without exploiting areas of our body where we tend to overly round or slump, like the middle/upper back and shoulders. 

On a larger level, we will explore how actively creating and embodying this space mirrors the seasonal changes we are experiencing around us. This time of year often feels like the heaviest part of winter yet on the ancient seasonal calendar, we are crossing an unseen but vital threshold into the first stirrings of spring. Life begins in the dark. Seeds sprout in the dark depths of soil, babies spend their first nine months in the darkness of the womb. Life really begins before we "see" it. Even as we practice turning inside and supporting rest, we are gestating our emergence into the more active and energetic times of Spring.

This workshop will be experiential and include body sensing  in active and restorative asana as well as "off the mat" movement, breathwork,  journaling, and group discussion. 



PART 1 Completed

Saturday, April 17th

2-5 pm


Space Yoga & Mindfulness


At the heart of backbends, there is a hidden 'forward bend'.

This hint of flexion is what creates extension that is supported by our core and encourages our bending backwards to happen evenly along all the segments of our spine, not just the places where it is habitual to move, or the places where we are hyper-mobile.


As we move into the darker half of the year, we are drawn to turn inwards and make time for nourishment, replenishment and rest. Yet life often asks us to keep extending ourselves and give energy out - at work, at home and in all of our relationships.

This workshop intends to explore this paradox. 


Flexion, curling inwards, is a natural and protective pattern in life. When we can contact and maintain a sense of turning inwards, even as we open out, something shifts. In the practice of opening up and bending back, we can experience - a felt sense of support, a clear connection between our centre and our limbs, less depletion and discomfort, and a deeply embodied sense of honouring self. 


This workshop will be experiential and include body sensing in active and restorative asana as well as "off the mat" movement, breathwork,  journaling, and group discussion. Open to all level of yoga student and any curious human being.


Limited to 16 people.