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Artwork by Elena Ray

Artwork by Elena Ray



I will be overseas from mid July - end of August and taking new client bookings for September onwards.
Please get in touch now if you'd like to discuss initiating some work together.

Thank you SO MUCH for the session yesterday, I feel like it opened up so much inside of me. It's making other areas of my life make sense ... I really feel like it gave me the space to see the depth of my feelings, and how they flow through my body." 


From the outside, ‘body centred conversations’ may look like a coaching or counselling session with the two of us sitting in chairs together talking. However, unlike traditional talk therapy, my role is to ‘companion’ and support you to come into to your own body awareness, track physical sensations and feelings/emotions, establish body based resources to sooth and ground, stabilise your nervous system, uncover your own intuitive ‘gut’ knowing, and build capacity to tolerate, explore, and complete whatever is wanting or needing to happen in the body. 


In our sessions, we will focus on slowing narrative way down so that the messages of the body can be heard and their meaning or wisdom explored. At times, and only when agreed upon by you and me, movement exercises, guided relaxation, and/or touch may be used to guide, support, or contain the experiences and emotions that may arise. My sessions are client led, meaning that we will work within your overarching intentions and goals, and with what shows up in session as particularly important, relevant, and alive.


Body Centred Conversations are most strongly influenced by my studies in Somatic Experiencing (a body based approach for working with trauma and the nervous system), experiential counselling, trauma informed practice, an embodied approach to NonViolent Communication, 12+ years of work as a Yoga Therapist, and a personal and deep apprenticeship to the wisdom of the body as a natural, intuitive guide for our own insight, resourcing, and healing. 

About SE

Traditionally, as founded by Dr. Peter Levine, Somatic Experiencing is a naturalistic approach to the resolution and healing of trauma. It is based on the observation that wild prey animals, though stressed and threatened routinely, are rarely traumatized. Animals in the wild utilize innate mechanisms to regulate and discharge the high levels of energy arousal associated with defensive survival behaviors. These mechanisms provide animals with a built-in “immunity’’ to trauma that enables them to return to normal in the aftermath of highly ‘’charged’’ life-threatening experiences.

While SE is an evidence based approach to working with trauma, it also has extremely useful applications for working with anxiety, depression, challenging or confusing emotions, major life changes, and high levels of stress. Somatic practice increases our ability to access our own felt sense, develop emotional agility, and deepen awareness, presence, and intimacy with our self and with others in relationship.

Email me at info@katielane.co.nz to organise a 15 minute phone chat to learn more about the process, address any questions/concerns you might have, and book your first session. 

In Person or Online 
$125 | single session 
$560 | five session package (when purchased as a block, in advance)

** Please note that body centred conversation is an adjunct support, not a replacement, for professional mental health therapy. Due to the close relationship between psychological, emotional, and physical, sometimes other aspects of our health and/or chronic pain, illness also need to be addressed. I may also suggest that clients consider working with other health professionals - acupuncturist, herbalist, psychotherapy/counselling, medical testing, etc. **

Body Centred Conversations may be useful for:
- Getting clarity around a particular issue, situation, emotion/s, dominant story, core wound that keeps showing up in your life. 
- Learning to listen to your body and access your inner and outer resources to 'be with' what arises
- Establishing better boundaries and learning how to ask for what you need
- Balancing/regulating your nervous system by increasing your access to the relaxation response OR mobilising more action/energy to come out of freeze 
- Working with trauma and symptoms of trauma
- Processing major life changes including those resulting from natural disasters, accidents, break up or loss of a loved one, assault or abuse
- Working with everyday experiences of anxiety, depression, and numbness
- Establishing your own ability to track yourself, to know when you have gone into overwhelm, to stay with your body in space during stressful times, and to know what is needed to return to your centre. 
- Increased self acceptance, self empathy, personal empowerment, and relational confidence
- Deeper awareness, presence, and intimacy in your relationships

Art by Elena Ray